Fire Genie

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General info

It's a small fire making kit, arrowhead blade, storage pouch.

I make them in batches and I have started a list of people wanting
them. I email them to let them know its done or when extras come up. If you
have any questions please ask!  

The Fire Genies take me abit to make. First I forge the Fire Genie "to
shape" out of 1084, then carve out the face by hand. They are heat treated,
cold blued (this helps them from rusting), they are beveled but not
sharpened. I include a small metal match sparking rod that is hidden in the
small top horizontal loop of the leather fob/pouch that I hand sew. I put a
saddle soaped leather neck cord with a couple of brass beads (helps to lock
the flap closed) on the pouch. It seems everyone wants to wear them!! I
originally made them to be attached to a bag, sheath, keys, etc... but the
cord is long enough for wearing.

     Each arrowhead comes out alittle different but the approximate size
is  2" long and 1 1/4 wide. The leather pouch and arrowhead together are
about 4 1/2" x 1 3/4" overall. I hand sign and date each one.

They are $75 plus $2 for shipping. I accept money orders. I will email you
at least a week before its finished, (usually when I'm working on the
leather pouch).  If you're interested
please get back to me with your mailing address and phone number.